SSI/SSP Recipients

Recipients of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and the California state supplement to SSI, State Supplementary Payment (SSP), are not eligible for CalFresh. While the SSI/SSP recipient is not eligible, other household members may be and it is important to use a prescreening tool to determine if a household with an SSI/SSP recipient may have household members that are potentially eligible.

Please Note: SSI is different than Social Security Income or Social Security Disability and recipients of those programs are not categorically excluded from CalFresh.

Other Food Support for SSI/SSP Recipients: Many community-based outreach workers find that most SSI/SSP households experience hunger, and some of these clients might also be housing insecure or homeless. Some SSI/SSP recipients in California may be eligible to receive a supplemental payment if they do not have access to a working kitchen. If a client receiving SSI/SSP does not have access to cooking facilities, s/he should be eligible for the Restaurant Meals Allowance, providing him/her with an extra allocation per month.

The following resources will help you understand SSI/SSP and how it intersects with the CalFresh Program:

Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (California Department of Social Services)

The Food Stamp Program and Supplemental Security Income (US Social Security Administration, 2007)

Effect of Cash-Out on California 2010 (California Food Policy Advocates, 2010)